Press On Nails Tools

RM 1.00


1. Suitable for professional or home use, especially ideal for those allergic to nail glue or seeking a temporary application—recommended for Jelly Stickers. 

2. For a longer-lasting effect, Nail Glue is recommended.

How to Use:

Step 1: Trim nail shape if necessary.

Step 2: Use a wood stick to clean the cuticle if needed.

Step 3: Wipe the nail surface with alcohol wipes to remove oil or dust.

Step 4: Choose the Jelly sticker size that matches your nail size and stick it onto your natural nail. Alternatively, use Nail Glue for a more extended duration, pressing for 30 seconds to ensure a secure bond—lift your finger only after. 

Step 5: Avoid water contact for the next 30 minutes.

*The wood stick can also be used to remove your Press On Nails.*